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What Happens When a Card's Value Changes After Being Sent to be Graded?

I have recently sent my first couple orders into PSA to be graded. Both orders were NFL HOFer cards that I cracked out of Beckett holders so I have a good idea what their grade will be with PSA. With turnaround being what it is today I valued them at what I thought was the proper value based on what the card was selling for at that time. Wellllllll, in the last couple months those cards are selling for much more than the maximum allowed. For example, one of the quarterly specials allowed maximum value at $499. I have a couple cards that were in that order selling for much more than that now if they come back graded what I expect but were selling for less than $499 when I sent in the order.

Is there any adjustment made to insured amount and I get charged additional $$ or what?



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