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Expanding the Classic Commemorative Set Registry

There are 306 collectors (that's a lot!) of the 50 coin set on the PCGS Set Registry and 100 collectors of the 144 coin set on the PCGS Set Registry. However, of those two sets, 66 collectors have completed the 50 coin set and only 16 have completed the 144 coin set! The way the 50 coin set is set up by PCGS, the least expensive type coin is treated the same as the most expensive. For example, the Grant with star is equal to the Grant without star. As a result there is no incentive to purchase the better coins unless one is fully commited to the 144 coin set. Few are! Collecting a 144 coins set can be both tiring and overwhelming. Perhaps PCGS should consider a commemorative coin DATE set to create more interest?

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