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I don't collect a lot of currency, but dug this out of the lockbox - picked it up many years ago when I was a much younger man at some antique store in wisconsin

the foxing is unfortunate [had it when orig purchased], but that aside, it's in fantastic condition; no folds, crisp surface

this is my favorite detail, and why I bought it

I'm sure not news to anyone here, but blew my mind when I saw it; that countries would print currency for other countries - of course, this is no surprise now, but this note was my introduction to that concept

would love to see any other specimens of a country's currency printed by another country if you have any and want to share ✌


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    American Bank Note Company, which is not affiliated with the US government (it is a private company) printed notes for many countries. The same was true for private bank note companies from other parts of the world. This was common practice.

    American Bank Note Company also printed many notes for individual banks during the era of what are now called "obsolete" bank notes. They also printed many notes for the US government during the latter part of the 1800's.

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    The US BEP printed currency for Cuba from 1934-1949 when ABNCo started printing their notes. The BEP printed the Philippine Island notes for the government there and also the Philippine National Bank until 1949. The current sizes of US currency are based on the smaller designs of the Philippine issues that were issued before.

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    "291fifth" is quite right. Nations often chose which printing companies based either on politics or cost savings.

    Below are two "2 Gourdes" banknotes from Haiti two years apart:
    The first, P-254, was printed by the United States Printing Company in 1990 (shown only on the back)

    and the second, P-260, was printed by TDLR in 1992 (shown on both front & back):

    -they were printed during political upheaval in Haiti & likely the US based USPC was rejected in favour of TDLR.

    Canada has used two different companies for years:
    The first is the back of a 1937 $10 (showing the imprint the British American Bank Note Company Ltd)

    While this 1937 $20 (released concurrently) has an imprint from the Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd:

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    thanks so much @291fifth @SaorAlba @Serial_no_8 - appreciate the additional history, background and examples

    the world of money is a weird one

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