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Selling some interesting items come take a look!

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I have not located another solid serial number $50 from this series. The BEP did a great job on these. The eye appeal is incredible. Solid 11111111’s are always desirable. This may be unique.
grades AU
Price: $3800

I have had these for a while. They have been well preserved. I’d like to find them a new home. Along with the seven catalogs you will receive the rices realized for the sale. These had to be purchased separately after the auction. I will included the hardcover book that was printed many years after the sale. This was a limited print of 1000. As you can see in my images this is book number 844. I am also going to include a couple of old Donlon price list books. Makes for an interesting read of what you could have once bought for next to nothing. Really nice items for the collector who wants to expand on the hobby.
I value these at $450
Priced to sell at $350
It’s been said that you can find them for under $100. Try that first and if you don’t succeeded this fairly priced group is available for you.

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