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New to coin collecting . Help with 1954 jefferson nickel?

Hi everyone. I'm nee to coin collecting. I started a few years ago and then lost my collection. So I recently started again and wanted to get a little more serious about it. I found this 1954 jefferson nickel in some change a few weeks ago. It stood out amoung the rest of my silver change because of its tone, which is somewhat hard to see in the pictures. It's in really good shape. I wanted to see what people with more knowledge could tell me. Is it worth anything? It's definitely going in my collection either way but it's just too unique to not ask questions about it.


  • I put it in the middle of two other nickels so you can see the toning difference. I took a picture of the side where you can see it does seem to have two distinct layers. It has partial steps. I think it's an exceptional find for a nickel found in pocket change. But again I'm pretty new to all this and would just like some opinions. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum! :)

    Great pocket change find! Not a lot of value and I wouldn't worry about any toning, it would look nice in a nickel book. ;)

  • I have a nickel book full with that luster and tone. They always catch my eye too :) I hoard all nickels pre ‘64. Be careful, it can become a big addiction. I find myself now trying to make a “best of the best” book out of my collection.

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