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PCGS: please bring DMPL to all coins, tokens and medals, like Cal Fractionals, ATB 5oz pucks :)

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When PCGS announced PL support on July 2, 2019, I was excited but it would have been great to include DMPL too! Here's the announcement:

You’ll Like This PCGS Announcement About Prooflike
July 2, 2019
Now, all qualifying mint state U.S. and world coins, tokens and medals can be PCGS-certified as PL


For a long time, I thought DMPL was only for Morgan Dollars which was a reason to not introduce DMPL to other coins, but I just found out that DMPL is supported for ATB pucks and California Fractional Gold.

Here's California Fractional announcement on August 17, 2018 with definitions of PL and DMPL:


PCGS Adds PL and DMPL Designations For Qualifying California Fractional Gold
August 17, 2018

PCGS defines surface Prooflike as clear reflection in the fields on both sides as viewed from two to four inches away. A misty effect or striations may impede the reflectivity.

The PCGS definition for Deep Mirror Prooflike is clear reflection in the fields on both sides from at least six inches away. There must be full, undistorted reflectivity on both the obverse and reverse.

2015 Kisatchie National Park ATB 5oz Silver Puck in PCGS MS67DMPL

And here's a 2015 silver puck that has the DMPL designation.


So, PCGS, please use your DMPL definition across all coins, tokens and medals :)


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