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Introducing the "Garvey a day" thread

inspired by several collectors on various sites, highlighting their collecting interests in a one per day format, I have decided to give it a go myself.

I started a blog on the "blogger" site in 2010 and it originally was very Garvey oriented. Eventually life got in the way and the posts were less frequent and even now, most of the posts are random or will announce a recent death of a former Dodger player. I will still plan to cover other subjects/topics and although I have not always been up to the challenge of a daily entry, I thought this year I need to make the effort and try to do this. Although I collect a wide variety of things across all of the sports and even a little non-sports, my primary focus and interest has always been Steve Garvey from when I first got into baseball and the cards in 1978.

I am what I like to call a bargain collector. Not that I have not spent a good deal of money along the way or even had my moments where I went toe to toe with someone and spent a large singular amount for something I really wanted, I don't spend the huge bucks on super high end things like personal awards, most game used equipment, older unopened cellos/racks or anything that I have not already obtained that is extremely scarce and has crazy competition in auctions, but over the last 40+ years and since 1998 on ebay, I have been scouring the world for new Garvey items of any kind. Monitoring ebay for those last 20 years, I can say with near certainty, that I have one of the most extensive collections of basic and obscure Garvey cards, photos & assorted memorabilia. I suppose someone I am completely unaware of could lay claim to a more extensive collection, and anyone with the extra cash that is able to drop $10K-20K+ on something really special like a gold glove award could easily out buy me on anything they wanted and probably has a higher quality collection of items. However, I am doubtful there is an every day collector out there who has more unique Steve Garvey items that just about anyone could afford than I do.

I do hope that maybe this thread catches some steam and perhaps a few new items may come to light or even eventually join my collection and I am not throwing down the gauntlet as a challenge to anyone, more simply I want to share this for me and anyone else that enjoys reading these types of threads and looking at pictures of stuff they might not otherwise see in their day to day collecting.

Rather than post the same article on different sites and upload photos and such, which takes a good amount of time, I would just like to link to my blog. I don't believe this violates any of the various rules, as I am not trying to take members away from this or any other site. The blog is simply where the articles and images are hosted and it is just easier to share that way. I hope you will take the time to check it out and more so, I would like to maintain the daily updates and keep this going for at least a year (or longer if I don't run out of items to highlight).

Day 1 - 1/1/21


I collect Steve Garvey, Dodgers and signed cards. Collector since 1978.


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