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Checking/Reporting of possible stolen cards

I recently came across an opportunity to purchase some PSA cards but was suspect because the asking prices were really low. In asking questions and requesting for further verification (clearer and dated photos, question about how acquired, etc), I think I scared the seller off. It got me thinking, does PSA flag certification numbers that might be reported stolen?

Looking for Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels in PSA 8 or better


  • I don't know if it still exist, but you used to be able to insure your cards with a insurance carrier. But it is very expensive. I keep my valuables in a bank box or my 6' safe that weighs about 800lbs. PSA requires that you prove card is in your possession and photo shot front and back if someone is questioning it. But if it's not in your possession... if you are the owner, i would go police report to document theft along with photos. I have scans of all of my valuable cards for home insurance purposes and update it yearly.

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