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Pistol Pete Maravich Basic Set Break Sale (ALL PSA10's)

Well folks, I worked on the Maravich basic set for quite awhile. I managed to get 71, 72, 74, 76, 78, 79, 80 in PSA10 and I even got 72 Icee Bear in PSA10 too because I love the card. However, after holding out years waiting for 73 and 77 in PSA10 I decided it was time to abandon ship. They're pop 2 in PSA10 and locked in registries. Plus the RC is $15K in 9 and climbing.

I also won a MONSTER Jordan last week that hit $25,101 with Probstein. So to cover, I had to consign all my Maravich's with them. If you're into vintage basktetball or you love Pistol Pete, feel free to bid into these. There will never be another time where all of these are available all at once.



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