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$1 educational presentation piece PRICED TO SELL.

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This a group of items that you may be interested in if you are a serious collector of Banknotes, history buff and want to own something personal that belonged to a U.S. president and the First Lady.
Here is a short synopsis of this interesting group-
This is a presentation piece. Grover Cleveland was president when the educational notes were released. His wife Frances who he actually adopted when she was 11 (weirdo) he married when she was 21. On her 32th birthday in July of 1896 Daniel Morgan the treasurer of the U.S. gave a special gift to the First Lady on her 32th birthday. The envelope was written out by Daniel Morgan and the note presented to the First Lady on her 32th birthday. This is why it is serial number 32. I posted this on the CU forum many years back and was contacted by Dennis Forgue who told me he had the actual handwritten thank you note from President Grover Cleveland thanking him for the gift that he had given to his wife and commenting on how beautiful the banknote was. A lot of Grover Cleveland’s letters were written from the executive mansion aka the White House. This one was written while he was at the family’s summer home at Buzzards Bay on Cape Cod.
Dennis wanted a lot of money for the letter so I passed but boy did I need that letter I tried for years to get him to come off of his price but it wasn’t until he retired from Harlan Berk that he was willing to negotiate. He had it framed and hanging in his office. So I was able to retain the letter and complete the set.
Here are some images of the group.
I cannot find any other paper money items that compare to this. I see nothing where the treasurer of the U.S. presented anything to anyone with a serial number that matched there age. To make it even more difficult I cannot find a collection like this with a thank you letter back to another high ranking member of government thanking them for a gift. This is 100% genuine and surprisingly it has never been in auction with the thank you letter from President Grover Cleveland. The group will be sold with the Envelope it was presented in along with the $1 educational serial number 32 and the thank you letter.
This is for a serious collector who wants a trophy like no other. Heritage has sold a couple of two digit $1 educational notes. If you look you will find them. One of if not the best source for fancy serial numbers USARARE has a $1 Ed with two digits for sale on his website. He has helped many collectors build world class fancy number collections and knows the market and the values. This still exceeds just a low serial number. This is part of our history. The educational series is amongst the most popular type notes sought by collectors. So if your willing to step up and invest some hard earned money in a group of unprecedented history here is your opportunity. Once it’s gone you may likely not have another chance for decades. The type of collector who buys items like this typically are in for the long haul. It is not an easy thing to let go of.
Please send me a pm for P.O.R.


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    Nice presentation Brian. This group epitomizes the art of the thank you note. And the challenge of comparison to.....? is a nice touch. Have a good day and Merry Christmas. Peace Roy

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    Way cool!

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    Awesome !!! 👍

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    So cool!

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    Magnificent. Thanks very much.

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    Awesome presentation and write up!


    “We are only their care-takers,” he posed, “if we take good care of them, then centuries from now they may still be here … ”
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    Priced to sell now at $16. You won’t find anything else like it. This is unique. The write up tells the story. I know of one other two digit note selling for more without the pedigree and the thank you letter from a president. You don’t get many opportunities like these in a lifetime.
    There should be no hesitation if your thinking about it.
    $16 as in $16k

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    PM sent

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    I would gladly send a copy for free.
    It seems that not putting the K as in $16k has some folks confused so I would like to apologize and make it perfectly clear that I would like $16,000.00 usd for this magnificent and museum quality collection. Frankly $16 or $16,000.00 it’s just as much a bargain. I cannot believe that someone has not purchased this. It’s not something you find often. I mean most will agree that then educational series is the most popular series. This is a very personal item from the President of the United States, First Lady and the Secretary of the United States Treasury. I’m only selling it because I need the money. This is the bargain of the century.
    As an aside this is a very unique president. He is the only president to hold two terms in office. Also a bit scandalous. The First Lady is actually a child he adopted at I believe she was 11. Now I don’t think he did anything inappropriate but that is a fact. She was the first women to marry at the White House aka the Executive Mansion. She is also the youngest First Lady at age 21. So much history and scandals with this pair. She was a drunk. He liked his liquor as well. They must have thrown some wild parties at the White House back in those days. You have to admit that while so many people use the phrase “museum piece” it is pretty clear that this truly is and as time passes it won’t go down in price. In five years this could be worth double what im asking. Heck if the right eyes saw it they would realize just what a bargain this is. This is not just a banknote. It’s part of our national history. It was a birthday gift not a diplomatic gift which is what is often referred to as a presentation piece. No this was a gift from the treasurer and the U.S. President thought enough of it to take time while at his some executive mansion on cape cod Massachusetts, which unfortunately burned to the ground. These were never meant to be grouped back together they went in two different directions and were held for well over 100 years apart I was fortunate enough and thanks to this forum able to meet the holder and owner of the letter who kindly held it until we could reach a fair price because he too knew the value of this letter and what it would mean if paired together with this banknote. Now that it is a set it needs to be placed into the hands of someone who will care for it. admire it and possibly be able to display it where people can see it and admire it. If this was JFK and Jackie O it would be worth triple what I’m asking. Having said that it out things into perspective I believe. Still a president with great history. The treasurer is the one who approved the creation and dispersion of the educational series. A little history behind the educational series as well. The $5 was banned in Boston because of the bare breasted women on the obverse of the note. The $1 also had its issues and they were much more widespread. Highly criticized because the #1 was placed between George and Martha raising the question “why would a United States banknote be allowed to circulate that suggesting that “no 1 should ever become between George and Martha”! I believe just like coins many engravers sought to be made famous or infamous to gain recognition for there work. Engravers really never got the recognition they deserved for the painstaking work and scrutiny they went through for there efforts. So the engraver of the $1 Charles Schlect and designer Will H. Low must have conspired this creation hoping it would pass scrutiny and signed of by the treasurer of the United States Daniel Nash Morgan. Unfortunately due to all the public uproar these were quickly replaced by the very long lasting black eagle, whashington porthole and the forever popular and by many the number one note to be obtained by beginners into the hobby the 1899 chief featuring the Native American depicted on the 1899 $5 bill is not just a random person. It is actually chief Running Antelope. He was a chief in the Hunkpapa tribe of Lokata Indians. He passed away in 1896, so he never got to see his likeness on United States paper money.
    Sorry for the long rant but if your a history buff as am I you might appreciate a little background into why this beautiful series of Banknotes were so short lived.
    This also gives cadence to the changes of our banknote history and why so many different notes were printed between 1862 to 1923 when we went to the less spectacular small size. Plenty to learn about there as well. I love this hobby and enjoy all the paper I have owned. I have taken a lot of time to learn about the history behind paper money. I have only scratched the surface. I can see why people like Peter Huntoon, Dr. Don C Kelly,
    Henry Bass, Doug Murray and countless others spent there entire lives leaving a foot print in the hobby opening the door for so many other people to join this community and enjoy what is and will always be an enjoyable and adventurous hobby.

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