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Looking for 2019 Topps Heritage Traders

Stumbled across this site via a 2019 Topps Heritage discussion thread that was pretty active about a year ago. Currently, all I collect is 2019 Heritage and looking for other 2019 Heritage traders. Hoping to have a bit of luck here. I'm a member on a few other popular trading sites.....thebench, ctf, blowout under same username if that helps my cause. Since all I go after is this 1 Heritage set, there isn't much from that set that I don't go after. Still opening new product so always have new stuff coming in. Cracking a case hopefully by the end of the week depending on UPS back-ups. 
 With that said, let me know how you guys usually handle this stuff here regarding exchanging want/trade lists. Hope to get something going.  


  • Are you still looking for any 2019 Heritage cards? If so, do you have a list somewhere? Are you just trading Heritage for Heritage?

  • I collect 2019 Heritage only. 99% of what I have for trade is 2019 Heritage. If I trade for anything other than 2019 Heritage it would be for something that’s easily traded out for Heritage that I needs. I will message you my email and we can exchange lists.

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