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Submission Question

Based on research I “think” I know the answer, but asking anyway. (I called today but wasn’t even able to go into call back que).
I have 20 coins I am submitting.
The question is they are a mixed lot.
I have the Mayflower 2 piece Gold.
A couple of modern date Gold.
Several shipment sealed ASE and then a mix of various other proofs/reverse proofs to submit.
My understanding is for a COA incapsulated (mayflower set) it must be submitted on a separate submission order.
The Gold would also have to have its own submission number.
And then a third for the balance.
I “think” I can submit all in one package with 3 separate submission orders and the appropriate processing and shipping for each submission.
My only “savings” would be my shipping cost to our host?
Or would it be easier to send 3 separate packages to eliminate any screw up on my end (or possibly their’s)?
Thanks in advance.


  • MsMorrisineMsMorrisine Posts: 31,840 ✭✭✭✭✭

    1 box with orders & coins properly marked

    each coin/sealed box needs to be identified by order number
    each order needs to say 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3

    i have no idea how to submit the mayflower sealed boxes for proper labeling other than they must be sealed boxes.

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  • djmdjm Posts: 1,557 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 25, 2020 5:01PM

    The most you would have is two orders the Gold and the Silver. The COA is just a line entry on the submission form. You may want to do the math and see if sending them all modern gold would be cheaper or almost the same as two orders.

  • Danno44Danno44 Posts: 172 ✭✭✭

    @MsMorrisine and @djm
    Thank you for the replies
    I think to be save I’ll submit the COA and coins on separate submission based on PCGS info.

    Thanks again for your help.

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