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1997/8 FLEER Million Dollar Moments Michael Jordan

Wells4EverWells4Ever Posts: 1
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A friend of mine concepted, designed, and produced the Million Dollar Moments collection for Fleer for their 1997/8 releases. Inserted one per pack, those who were able to collect all 50 inserts won $1M dollars. Releases crossed football, baseball, and basketball.

Back then, the printing process involved “blues” to check layouts and “Cromalin proofs” to check for accurate color. A cromalin is a full-color print, made by hand, using the 4 negatives (CMYK). A timely and expensive process.

He has a Fleer Million Dollar Moments Michael Jordan. Those that know the collection know that there were not any Micheal Jordan cards published. He tells me it’s because the card was pulled at the last minute due to a contract/cost disagreement. These pictures show the Michael Jordan Fleer Cromalin and the print negative (which clearly shows “Delete Card” hand written in red sharpie on it).

This is obviously an extremely rare Jordan piece and is a pretty cool hobby piece as well.

Would anyone have any idea what it might be worth? He's considering auctioning it off.


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