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Panini NFL and NBA Mosaic vs Prizm... I want to hear your case for each!

I'm new to collecting cards. I'm a huge sports fan and collected autographed jersey and memorabilia over the years through playing sports and making connections. However, I got sucked into the card game. Started off finding 44 Mosaic NBA hanger boxes and we had some crazy pulls. I have friends who have spent thousands on Prizm and they say the cards are even better than Mosaic.

Can someone give me a little insight on where each rank today in the NBA and NFL markets? With Prizm coming out December 2nd, is Mosaic going to devalue, or stay the same?



  • blurryfaceblurryface Posts: 1,602 ✭✭✭✭
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    prizm is the flagship and will be the go-to forever.

    mosaic is first year product, as a stand alone set that is. nice clean design but had some quality control issues. only time will tell how it is received, but I like it much more than optic, chronicles, etc.

    I do like a majority of the parallels, including the genesis’. but they are way past overkill. that’s the only problem I see w anything mosaic. well that and stickered autos, but I regress.

    the best ability is availability.

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    TOPPS needs to take all this sheet back and make the world right again. The foreign name 'Panini' just reminds me of 'Bikini' and de-mans the whole dang concept of this. Yes, Bikini's are what the world is about, just not in collecting pics of dudes. which we do.

  • Has anyone else noticed that every base or silver Mosaic has some sort of scratching or dimples on every card? I've also noticed that in some blaster boxes, the last 2 cards in every pack have print lines... so frustrating!

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    I like mosaic, but it is overwhelming with so many parallels.

  • I know the different reactive parallels are based off what pack you got them from, but does anyone know if there's a value difference for certain colours (obviously not genesis or flourescents)? What about silver prizm mosaic's or green's?

  • blurryfaceblurryface Posts: 1,602 ✭✭✭✭

    premiums are starting to be paid on team colored parallels.

    ie luka blues, soto indys, giannis greens, herro reds, etc.

    as time goes on, it'll get crazier. similar to the centering craze that started way back when.

    silvers are the gold standard.

    the best ability is availability.

  • For people who are starting up basically how it goes Prizm is number one hands down it’s a toss up for the next I’d say optic, spectra and contenders nba ( no draft cards) are about the next ones and then mosaic and and the others come next but mosaic is about 4-5-6 down the line in my opinion they are nice but it’s just the way it goes and the dimples on those mosaic all I got to say it that’s why it’s so hard to get a black label bgs they are tough to get if they made all cards perfect everyone would have black labels then they wouldn’t be worth as much so it’s neat how it all works just to try to get a black I still have not got one in 20 years close but nope :) I hope this helps out

  • This is my opinion on what to collect if your a new collector
    One go for prizm lol obviously but I would look for rare like 1/1 or 1/5 like rare and autographs are huge like a prizm silver is worth ten grand Luka doncic psa 10 but his prizm silver auto psa 10 50 grand all day so if you can find those or silvers or greens yellows reds blues even if they are not numbered because compared to the base they are far less than those so look for base silvers colours numbered if you can and autos and one important thing I think is the most here we go
    THE PLAYER collect a person who is good like amazing or if you can predict who is gonna be good that’s the true way the. You pay less and all of a sudden it’s times ten what you paid so please don’t collect certain players in 10 years people forget even who They are only the greats are remembered I have owned a shop for 20 years I have not had a single person come in and go get you got a Eric lindros I got 400 of them but when he came out that card was worth over a 100 bucks now I can’t even get 2 bucks that’s where I believe a lot of people make a mistake so in my opinion collect Gretzkys trouts mcdavid matthews Luka doncic Zion labron James just a few of the names that move fast of you got a the cup card say matthews 10 grand all day when the card came out I paid 300 bucks just trying to give you some things I’ve been through even mcdavid I bought ten of him for 200 bucks each when he came out now they go for 1000 to 2-3000 psa 10 or what ever it’s neat when you pick the right person to collect then you see the worth but a lot of players actually loose value like a tremendous amount so I will post stuff here and there and if someone. Has a question id try my hardest to give you my honest opinion what I have experienced so I hope this even helps out a single person I’d be happy I helped someone with their collection

    If you have got a card that is flawless get it graded it’s worth it, if you think it might grade a 9 don’t, keep it ungraded, a psa 10 Wayne Gretzky well it’s worth I don’t know a million but not graded it worth from a grand to ten maybe someone might take a gamble on it but most likely get 5 grand so please it’s so so so important the condition I mean night and day, a psa 8 from a certain player is say 200 bucks a psa 9 is a grand then the psa 10 is 15,000 grand all day so if your a serious collector make sure it’s the most important thing you check for and the BIGGEST MISTAKE everyone makes is not every card is a psa 10 or a 9 just not reality so a lot of people go oh there are dimples or lines, it’s a part of the game we play imagine all cards are psa 10 they would be worthless straight up who would want a card that every has I wouldn’t how can you sell it everyone has one so I say even under a microscope or magnifying glass and check psa goes for corners period if you do not have 4 sharp corners you will not get a psa 10 you just won’t Centering can be off like way off and get a psa 10 not a problem but psa is for corners the looks of it looks sweet it’s a ten, but bgs if your off in the slightest way they get you Good, I got 6 back for Center I got 7s and it drops the grade down dramatically, so know who to send it to, or if you should even send them in, no sense in sending a card in that is not gonna grade well only unless you just want it secure other than that, keeping cards ungraded is your best bet if your not gonna get a psa 10 or bgs 10 or 9.5 gem those are very good collectables so I hope this helps out

  • DarinDarin Posts: 4,177 ✭✭✭✭

    All I can say is 2017 prizm football has been very good to me.
    The unopened boxes I'm holding have gone up around 800%.

  • There is no case between them I understand mosaic look nice almost the same as prizm but it’s just not the same, prizm cards are like gold I’d say, mosaic is not even silver I’d say bronze, silver is optic/contenders/spectra/select then mosaic will come in, like a Tom Brady rookie contenders auto psa 10 is over a 100,000 grand It’s the rareness of the numbered of them produced like spectra only came out with hobby boxes I think 4 autos per box which go for over 2 grand us for one box and 8 cards only a select silver court side is ten grand if certain players but only 10 I think are made but mosaic say the orange you get from hangers I say Zion they made ten thousand of them so they just made too many came out with them twice in one year same cards in both so there’s just so many I got like 30 zions and I can get 100 bucks each but when they first released 400 all day for one that’s how much they dropped because all of a sudden two three months I look here they come with another load so it’s basically like I said before go for rare ones ya silvers and the coloured ones too but a mosaic Zion auto silver is 1500 I’d say and a mosaic auto /5 say jersey number too 1/5 that card even though it’s mosaic it hold value become there are only 5 well only one of his jersey number so it’s one of a kind and that mosaic card will be if psa 10 I’d say 20 grand but prizm silver auto psa 10 is 100,000 grand that’s how much different but it’s not like mosaic is not good just not as goood as prizm

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    Pictures don’t do them justice.

    "I spent 50% of my money on alcohol, women, and gambling. The other half I wasted.
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    What is PSA’s criteria for currently grading the print lines and surface dimples on Mosaic?

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