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New auction, ancient & early coins, no buyer fee, low starting bids

fsrcoinfsrcoin Posts: 28


Auction 114 closes Dec. 8 — 455 lots, ancient & early coins, mostly good stuff, low starting bids, and NO buyer fee. Includes group lots, literature, and fixed price specials.

Find it here: www.fsrcoin.com/m.html

Or at https://www.biddr.com/auctions/fsrcoin/browse?a=1396
Or https://emax.bid/en/auction/961

With no coin shows, it's getting hard to obtain material for these sales. Harder to buy from auctions too; without shows, there's more competition there. My own last sale had very active bidding. This means prices are strong, despite many people losing income due to the pandemic. Actually, the biggest losers have been the less affluent. More affluent folks — the ones who buy coins — are less affected.

Anyhow, I do need coins for future sales, so if you’d like to raise some quick cash with no hassle, please consider me. I pay fair and fast.

This sale includes the second of three installments of selections from my 40+ year personal collection. I always tried to keep for myself only good stuff. These have "R" after the lot number.

Also the first tranche of my early Spanish. There's much more to come. Spain was never a particular focus for me, but it's remarkable what half a century of even casual acquisitions can mount up to. Should be a nice opportunity to obtain some flavorful material not overgraded in slabs. Part of why I'm selling this collection (and others) is that my buying coins like this has become so rare. Also, I won't live forever.

Note, world coin list updated to remove sold items: www.fsrcoin.com/136.htm

Best regards,

Frank S. Robinson



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    **And voting for a “lesser of evils” is fine. Especially where the greater evil is very great indeed.

    But I’m not telling you who to vote for.**

    Interesting. That is what happened in 2016.

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