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The Royal Mint 2020 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

looking to buy if you have one - wasn't quick enough when these went on sale



  • SwampboySwampboy Posts: 12,021 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 30, 2020 5:43PM

    wrong forum

    edit to say you're welcome for the inadvertent bump. I guess I got lost and thought I was still on the World Forum. :#

    I'm just here for the Golf Shirt

  • @Swampboy said:
    wrong forum

    thanks for the thread bump tho 😂 - still lookin 👀

  • now also looking for the last in series as well - The Infamous Prison 2020 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

    man, these weren't selling out after weeks before, and now they're gone in less than 2 hrs - did people just discover the royal mint?

    if anyone has a handle on either of these, I'd v much appreciate it


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