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SOLD - Twenty-two (22) - 1935 10 Centavos Mexico

ELuisELuis Posts: 53

MS 67 RD - except these (2)
MS 66 RD
MS 65+ RD
MS 65 RD
MS 65 RB
MS 64+ RD
MS 64 RD


  • AbueloAbuelo Posts: 1,307 ✭✭✭✭✭

    These are amazing. Not selling individual coins?

  • @Abuelo said:
    These are amazing. Not selling individual coins?

    They can be, but I am thinking that can be a good deal to have all each @204.55*22=4500, I am open, let's wait some more days here, and see where ends.


  • Something to mention, since I am new here, I am noticing that references are required and I know it is going to be difiicult to build those and wait until certain time, in the case where I am asking for paying by check only, since will take some time for that, but it is the only way, to start from something, at least as a test for me.

    Also, have noticed that possible buyers ask for ebay account, but mostly are references.

    I am going to leave this sale until next Friday, NOV.6.2020


  • After trying to sell these coins as a lot, and to have the opportunity of getting each of the coins at a flat price.

    Tomorrow ends this sell as a lot, the twenty-two graded coins, and I will give it a try on another new topic, to sell them as individual, each of the coins will have a different value per grade.

    Thanks, for your time!

  • Thanks a lot for those that view this, coins were not sold as a lot, I will see if they can be sold as individual on a new topic on this forum.

  • Some good news on these coins that posted not long ago here, SOLD 20 of them, only left two the MS67 ones. :)

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