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For sale: Raw World Banknotes (NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT)

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4 Ungraded World banknotes are up for sale

I do take as payments the following: Cash, money orders, and personal checks

The prices are gotten from the Standard Catalog of World Paper money book Vol 3

Contact Info: PM or Reply To thread if interested in buying one or all the notes listed

The photos are taken with an old Logitech c525 webcam so they will not be the best and they are unedited so the notes you see is just what is for sale

1992 USSR 500 ruble ($4.00 ,Ungraded)

ND British 50 New pence Special Voucher- ($4.00, Ungraded)

1985 Viet Nam 5 Dong ($2.00, Ungraded)

1978 North Korea 1 won ($ 3.00, Ungraded)

41 packages sent and got

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