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Value of commemoratives

Hi all!

In doing some playing around in my PCGS Registry, I noticed that my coin "Cost" was higher then my coin "Value"... this kinda disturbed me as I am pretty careful as to what I will pay for each coin.

Doing further research, I found that a number of coins didn't show a value but thier cost was still in the "Cost" calculation.

The coins were specifically the 4 Samoa quarters that I bought, as my warped sense of humor kicked in seeing Bats as the subject on those coins, and my Apollo/Haise and other Haise signed coins.

That caused my wondering if there was a way that the drop down to select what coins displayed could have an option to remove those without a value...

...and why those don't have a value associated with them... especially the Haise signed as the population for those is pretty low, and a couple are now what I am thinking, impossible to find...


Thanx and Clear Skies!


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