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New lost collector

Hello i wanted to ask what type of errors or varieties you guys wanted in order me to sell some of my coins. Which by the way now a lot of Lincoln cents. I just put a 2009 bicentennial with a repunched. Mint the extra finger and other errors and no bids cant take good pictures cuz the coin looks awesome having a darker color. I have kennedy that have been struck thru about 5 to 8 times you can tell bt all the sets if arrows going in different directions i have 1980 proof quarter that has errors. Honestly i also added a wisconsin quarter that has an additional doubling leaf but bids. Please help.


  • Also if you coin collectors look deep enough you can see the art in every coin!!!

  • I have a 1968 thats actually a 1943 copper penny i didnt do any alterations i know that the minting cant say other do its its past are on coins and currency

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    I'm honestly not quite sure what you are saying, but feel free to post pictures of your coins if you are looking for information on them.

  • Thank sir will do but i have to take better pictures because in order for you to see what i see. Not good at pictures, my daughter said to take them in the sunlight.

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    Experiment with lighting, check each image, close up and sharp focus of obv and rev of a coin is best. Straight on image, no angle shots. Have fun. C u around. Peace Roy

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