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The Return of the Proof Set in 1936

Following a 20 year hiatus, the United States Mint resumed issuing proof coins in 1936. The coins, including the ones seen below were available to purchase individually and in sets leading to uneven mintages.

Broken down, the mintage figures for the Lincoln Cent are a combined 5,569 proofs struck across both the satin and brilliant finishes. The satin and brilliant Proof Buffalo Nickels saw a cumulative 4,420 examples struck, while 4,130 Proof Mercury Dimes rolled off the presses in 1936. The higher-denomination proofs saw slightly lower mintages, with the 1936 Proof Washington Quarter being struck to the tune of 3,837 pieces and the Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollar inspiring the sale of 3,901 examples. Taking math into account, the lowest-mintage coin dictates the total number of possible complete five-coin 1936 proof sets that can ever be assembled, with 3,837 – corresponding to the total number of 1936 Proof Washington Quarters – being the hypothetical number of complete 1936 proof sets possible.

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