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I need help identify a signature on a hockey stick

I have a stick from an NHL Legends tour with 19 signatures on it, including Elmer Lach, Yvonne Cournoyer, Rick Vaive, Johnny Bower, Ted Kennedy, Pierre Pilots, Bobby Baun, Henri Richard, Rejean Houle and Norm Ullman (to help with the era), but I have been unable to figure out one. Any help would be great. I have gone through numerous sites checking names and signatures and was pretty successful, except for this one...


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    Welcome aboard! Good luck!!

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    First name looks like it begins with "J". Last name looks like a "K" or "R".

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  • You could try a process of elimination. i can start with 5 autographs that i know ARE NOT the answer, as i have these 5 on a stick. Bower, Nevin, Henri Richard, Ullman & Red Kelly can be scratched from the list. Hope this helps a bit. Good Luck. pusher

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