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Coins of French Morocco

Howdy everyone,

I was told this would be the best place for my question.

I'm an avid collector of Moroccan coins, specifically Moroccan coins from when they were a French Protectorate 1919-1956. But I'm running into an issue - As I'm getting into the Essai marked coins and other rarities, I'm having a very difficult time finding a reliable reference. I've been collecting these for a few years, but I don't have a good reference for values and history.

Which book, website, or place in general will do the best as a reference for my quest? I also collect French Moroccan bills, but I was able to find a reference book for those including values and history. I'd really like to have the same for my coins!

Thanks for reading.



  • Lecompte

  • ADGADG Posts: 365 ✭✭✭

    Lecompte, Jean. “Monnaies et Jetons des Colonies Francaises.” 2000


    In French.

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  • There’s a 2007 edition

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    Hmm, dead link. I'll do some digging around.

    Is French the only option? I'd be OK with something that just ballparks the values. I don't have too hard of a time researching the more common coins. But the ESSAI and other rarities are hard to find information about.

    Mostly, I have trouble knowing what is a reasonable price. I'm an extremely active Ebay seller and check Moroccan listings every night before bed. It's odd, because sometimes the same coin, same rough condition, will go for wildly different amounts.

    By the way, I've got to show off this one -

    Edit : Those are awfully big pictures, is there a way I can have them show up as thumbnails that can be enlarged? Sorry if I'm blowing up anyones screen.

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