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New world coin pricelist


My world coin list 135 will be posted TODAY, SUNDAY , at 11:00 AM Eastern time, at:


Much new stuff from a big collection bought recently. Mostly inexpensive coins. I made many group lots, priced carefully to be good value.

But the big story: selling my AUSTRALIA collection, 1910-36. I never collected the later material, it felt like modern junk (at least it did when I started nearly half a century ago). Australia was one country I collected seriously, so the quality is quite nice. Also, I’ve closely followed Australian auctions, keeping records of prices, as quoted in my listings. Australia has a very strong home market, and good coins have often sold there way above catalog.


Frank S. Robinson



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    This post belongs in the Buy, Sell, Trade section.

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    @Que_sai_je said:

    @291fifth said:
    This post belongs in the Buy, Sell, Trade section.

    After 50 years of public devotion to numismatics Frank can do whatever he wants in my book.

    He sure did a lot in posting that list !

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