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TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! SPMC Online Voting for Literary Awards and Registry Sets!

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There are 2-Weeks Left to Get in Your Votes!!! :)

Show your appreciation to all of the hard working folks that contribute to the hobby via their literary works in Paper Money Magazine and those nominated for their Published Books!!!

Vote for Best: Articles, Columns and Books of 2019!

Vote for Best Registry Sets in the Obsolete Database Project!

If you are not already an SPMC member you are missing out on a treasure trove of content, including 327 back issues of Paper Money Magazine!! All issues are downloadable in pdf form with your annual membership! Content is also searchable by topic on the http://www.SPMC.org website! In addition, the Obsolete Database Project and Bank Note History Project are amazing resources at your disposal when you become a member. I’ve been enjoying looking up who signed my National Bank Notes and researching the bank officers. The wild vanity signatures that I couldn’t make heads or tails of have now been unlocked!!!

If you want to sign up or have questions, feel free to reach out anytime and I will be happy to assist! Shoot me a PM

Thanks for Voting!

Robert Calderman
Membership Secretary

Become a member here:


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