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NJ/NY Currency and Coin Show Question

Hi All,

Sorry of it's been discussed as I haven't been on here in a while. Does anyone know where to check or find information on coin and currency show schedules? Is anything planned to open back up in the NJ/NY area? I frequent shows in Parsippany, Clifton, Westchester County, Central and West New Jersey, etc. and was wondering when they plan to resume after this pandemic madness. Thanks in advance! :)


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    As I recall, there hasn't been a Currency show in the NYC area since 1998 when Lyn Knight sold Frank Levitan's collection in Stamford, Connecticut. Before that, you had a Currency show in the City in 1980 to '82 and then that died and then you had SPMC's Cherry Hill, New Jersey show in 1985 and that's about it. It's been a long time since there was a major coin show in the City, aside from the International show in January. All the big shows of yesteryear in the City have gone by the wayside and I miss them - they just got killed off by the expenses of holding a major show in the City. Now, you just have a few routine local shows which are hardly worth going to.


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