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Shared banknote orders do not appear on the shared orders page

I can enter a banknote order as a URL, however, it does not appear in the orders list.

This is the order number assigned by PCGS to my submission https://pcgs.com/shared-orders/order-details/21810212

This is the listing of shared orders sorted by order number:

You can see that it's a banknote order by its service:



  • mbwizkidmbwizkid Posts: 550 ✭✭✭

    Is this thread related to your other thread concerning a missing submission ?

    AKA - Steve in Tampa

  • A sampling of shared orders revealed numerous further discontinuities, including an example that mirrors the missing submission.

    The Certification link must bring up note specifications, then the PCGS# hotlink might work, however, it does not reveal anything about the note beyond the certification data:

    Order number 21739979:

    Certification number 38634507:

    PCGS# 803321:

    For this example, I had to google the banknote:

    Order number 21734127:

    https://icollector.com/Mercantile-Bank-of-India-1941-Issue_i20449896 obverse:

    https://icollector.com/Mercantile-Bank-of-India-1941-Issue_i20449896 reverse:

    For this example, all that appears is a list of unlinked certifications:

    Order number 21698110:

    Of these examples, the order 21698110 is the most similar to the currency order that populates on my portal, however, the submission number is artificial and I can't be certain that it actually represents my submission, neither can I be certain that order 21698110 is a banknote order and not some other order.

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