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Yet another pile of really good auction catalogs - SOI DOG FUNDRAISER

More duplicates from my library!

Abner Kreisberg and Hans Schulman, May 20-21, 1966. US Coins and Currency, Foreign Coins.

Hans Schulman, May 21, 1966. "One of the Most Important Collections of Gold Coins of the Independent Spanish American Republics".

Hans Schulman, March 18-19, 1966. "The Howard Gibbs Collection of Counterstamped, Necessity and Siege Coins of the Americas."

Spink America, June 3, 1996. "The Pablo Gerber Senior Collection of Mexican Coins, Part II"

Jess Peters, June 13-15, 1975. The Ray Byrne Collection of Coins and Tokens of the Caribees.

X & F Calico, January 23, 1980, "Duros de Fernando VII 1808-1833".

$100 for the lot, payable by donation to SOI DOG. Includes shipping.


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    The Byrne and Gibbs Sales both feature lots of interesting coins--counterstamped and cut--some of which almost certainly circulated in North America too.

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