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How are cards selected to be in sets?

How are cards selected to be in specific sets? For example, I am doing the Hall of Fame Indianapolis Colts set and Edgerrin James was selected to be inducted. Does anyone know how it will be determined which of his 'several RC's" will be chosen for the set once he is inducted?


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  • rexvosrexvos Posts: 3,274 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It is done via vote now. It is not systematic and thoughtful like it once was. If they really wanted it to be what it could be someone like @JasP24 should be put in charge of the football section and be given the authority to choose and edit the key card checklists.

    I am ticked because one of my passions is the All Time Saints set. The guy that started it was not a Saints fan and he included cards of players who had all their best years elsewhere. (Wes Chandler, Chuck Muncie) and they omitted key players in the Franchise like Bobby Hebert. I attempted to add his 84 USFL RC to match the 85 USFL Sam Mills that was in the set years ago. It was voted down and did not make it. Fast forward to a few months ago and someone adds the 86 Topps Hebert. I vote against it because it should be his 84 RC. It gets voted in. They do not allow me to use the 84. It is unorganized and not very thought through.

    Looking for FB HOF Rookies
  • morton35morton35 Posts: 71 ✭✭

    @ rexvos - concur on the Hebert. The USFL one is used for the Team HoF set (as you know because we are both working those). I also found it odd that the 86T got approved.
    But the other challenge is that, in order to even start the ball rolling, someone has to have a card that meets the criteria as a rookie card in their inventory and then submit to have the card added to the set in order to initiate the voting. But the card submitted initially might not be the one voted to be added to the set, and could not even be one of the options to be voted on. Not sure I want to advocate that whoever is the first to get something submitted gets to select the card for everyone, but a vote without having to lay out for a card you might then not need would be preferred.

  • shagrotn77shagrotn77 Posts: 5,548 ✭✭✭✭

    In the olden days we used to vote on the player first and, if he got the votes, the card in a separate vote. The registry has become very inconsistent over the last few years. I'm happier creating my own Showcase sets.

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