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2020 Dual Grading Group Sub

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We are a go and confirmed with PSA for $15 a card plus $1 a card for shipping to and from PSA. We will need to reach at least 300 cards, which should not be a problem. We will keep the minumum at 10 items as has been done in years previous, with the number of participants it becomes tough to manage with any less. The max declared value will be $499, if you have any questions about what something may be worth please contact me first. We will go along with the same categories as last year, which are as follows:

OPTION 1: Grade Card AND Grade Autograph
OPTION 2: Grade Card DO NOT Grade Auto (it will be AUTHENTIC ONLY)
OPTION 3: Card AND Autograph AUTHENTIC only

Tall Boys can be a part of any of the above

I ask that a hard copy of the form be sent with the cards, please separate by option above.

The plan is to have these in hand by June 15th and sent to PSA by the end of June. I will send a message to those taking part with the form for entering items. I will update the below when cards and payments have been received.

Participants (All are welcome up to the submission deadline above)

@erba - 30 -Received and paid
@Huggyface - 25-Received and paid
@DBesse27 - 11-Received and paid
@ghooper33 - 40 Received and paid
@JudgeIto - 10+ received and paid
@BPorter26 - 10+-Received and paid
@recbball - 30+ Received and paid
@Cs223406 - 10
@miwlvrn - 22-Received and paid
@LarkinCollector - 13-20+-Received
@yankeeno7 - 75-Received and paid
@tsalems1 - 10-20-Received and paid
@spanky74 - 10+-Received
@yankeesman - 50+ -Received and paid
@cor3y7 - 10-Received and paid
@lilmule / @jackstraw - 11-Received and paid
@mrvgex - 50-Received and paid
@stagno33 - 15-Received and paid
@LTsui - 10+-Received and paid
@mknez - 10+-Received and paid
@Soonerific - 50- Received
@sayheywyo - 10 Received and paid
@Xtrain000 - 13+-Received and paid
@rounding3rd - 10+- Received and paid
@RailsideCards - 50-Received and paid
@Kard_Life - 20+-Received and paid
@initialD - pile :p -Received and paid
@MyDaughtersNameIsMattingly - 35-40-Received and paid
@swish54 - 19-Received and paid
@lawyer05 -10 Received
@jsanders13 -Received and paid



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