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Signed and First Day Silver Eagles

Hi, and sorry for the maybe newbie question. I have been collecting some of the Mercanti eagles and was wondering where the source of these is. Does he do these himself and send the coins to PCGS? Or is there someone else that does this and gets his signatures? Same with the first day coins, who originates them? The mint? Or a larger dealer/wholesaler?

Thanks, just trying to understand how the ecosystem works here.

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    I believe that ModernCoinMart has a financial relationship with Mercanti, where MCM sends a quantity of newly released coins in to the third party grading services early to get graded and qualify for “First Strike” and “Early Release”, etc. designations. Those grading services then apply labels with the Mercanti “signature”. I put it in quotes since I believe the signatures are facsimile’s, and not each individual one an actual original signature. Other firms, such as APMEX, Mint State Gold, etc. also send a quantity of various coins in early to PCGS and NGC to get the First Strike and Early Release, etc. designations.

    Individuals, such as yourself, can do the same thing. Check the PCGS and NGC websites to read the rules on how to have your submission qualify for those various designations, and the extra fee required. Additionally, on your submission form, you should indicate which label design of those available you prefer, such as the Flag label offered by PCGS for First Strike. If you don’t indicate that, your label will be “plain” with only the words “First Strike” without the Flag.

    I hope you found this helpful.

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