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For Sale-small-size FRNs, some partial Series/District/Block sets

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I've been a member of CU for 10 years-mostly just reading. I have some older Small-size FRNs that I've collected over the years. I'm no longer collecting so I would like to pass them along to another collector, if someone might have an interest in them.

1963A $1 FRNs, HA block, 5 consecutive, ChCU- Gem
1963B $1 FRN (Barr note), BG block ChCU-Gem,
1977 $1 FRNs, LD block, 5 consecutive, ChCU-Gem,
1977A $1 FRNs, LI block, 3 consecutive, ChCU-Gem,
1985 $1 FRNs, 1 FB, 1 FC, 2 FDs, ChCU-Gem,

Total of 18 $1 notes that I think I paid about $2 each for these. If I could just get my money back ($36), I'd be happy.

The rest are newer but might be useful as partial Series/District/Block sets:

1995 $2 FRNs, FA block, 5 consecutive, ChCU-Gem,
1995 $2 FRNs, FB block, 2 consecutive + 1 single note, ChCU-Gem,
2003 $2 FRNs, IA block, 5 consecutive, ChCU-Gem,
2009 $2 FRN, FA block, 1 note, ChCU-Gem,
2013 $2 FRNs, partial District set, 1 FA block, perhaps choice, crisp AU (light center fold), 1 JA block, ChC-Gem, 1 LA block

I think I paid about $4 each for these 17 notes, or $68 but I might have a little flexibility.

2009 $20 FRNs, JL-E block, 2 consecutive, both have new crispness, both have a light center bend and one note has a light corner bend into the design. so maybe Ch crisp AU
2013 $20 FRNs, ME-I block, near consecutive (five numbers apart), both appear ChCU-Gem.
If someone has an interest in these I'd pass pass them along to another collector for face value.

2009 $100 star note, JL-* block , appears to be a crisp tri-fold,
2103 $100 star note, MB-* block, appears ChCU-Gem,
I'm asking $210 for both notes.

All prices are plus shipping which will be USPS 1st Class package with tracking, unless you have specific requirements. In order to minimize my trips to the USPS, I would prefer to sell all 41 notes as one lot but, if necessary, I'd be wiling to sell all of each denomination separately.

Thanks for looking and happy collecting.


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