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Basketball HOF Rookies thread

First off, I searched the archive for anything related to discussion on the Naismith HOF and discussion of players. The most recent I found was from 2011. I am probably missing a few discussions, but collecting this set and the future set that drives it, I wanted to start a discussion on who would be a possible addition to the set given the last couple of years caught me by surprise (McGinnis, Radja, Divac, Westphal). I'll lead off with a couple that are may or may nots:

Gus Williams - 1976 Topps
Maurice Lucas - 1975 Topps
Shawn Kemp - 1990 Fleer

Be awesome to hear people's thoughts on these dudes. Please add any others that come to mind and hopefully we can get the futures set including some more of the old timers.


  • shagrotn77shagrotn77 Posts: 5,555 ✭✭✭✭

    That set is a bit of a joke. The knucklehead who created it had some self-serving interests in mind, and PSA unfortunately went along with his recommendations. For starters, it's littered with players who have no shot at the HOF (Larusso, Ohl, Van Lier, Chambers, Jackson, Marbury, Hamilton, Arenas, Brand and Davis. In addition, the wrong card was chosen for Wallace (Fleer Ultra), Pierce (SP Authentic), Nowitzki (SP Authentic) and Carter (SP Authentic).

    From your list, I would add Lucas. Other cards I would be in support of adding include:

    1948 Bowman Max Zaslofsky
    1957 Topps Willie Naulls
    1978 Topps Marques Johnson
    2001 Ultra WNBA Lauren Jackson
    2002 Ultra WNBA Sue Bird
    2008 Rittenhouse Candace Parker

    There are quite a few players I'd like to see make the HOF, but I doubt they ever will, so I wouldn't request them.

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  • GreedoguyGreedoguy Posts: 147 ✭✭✭

    I came along a little late in the game for the Futures set and was wondering what the criteria for card chosen was. I personally like the poll process, similar to what used to be done on the Football HOF set. That and some ground rules laid out, like at least x years in the league (of course, the Naismith Hall takes into account the entire body of work, HS, College and pro), post season accolades, etc....just putting a player out there because they are the latest hot thing makes no sense and is self defeating. Especially when PSA does not delete cards when they are added, normally. Of the 6 you mentioned, I agree with 5 and possibly the Naulls, once I do a little reading on the guy.

  • jay0791jay0791 Posts: 3,498 ✭✭✭✭

    I agree with the above
    Many have no chance for he hall. That was supposed o be the basis for addition

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