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How to get Pedigrees Reattached?

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PCGS has recently slabbed many Pogue coins where Pogue is on the insert but not the Cert Verification Pedigree.

Also PCGS slabbed many pieces of the Q. David Bowers Civil War Token Reference Collection with a special insert but the information also is not in the Cert Verification Pedigree.

How can PCGS reattach these? How can we request reattachment for our coins?

Here's a coin that had lost the James A. Stack pedigree but regained it in PCGS Cert Verification.

This is mentioned in the following PCGS blog article:

As desirable as the James A. Stack pedigree remains today, there are many instances where his name has been stripped, intentionally or otherwise, from the ownership chains. Reattaching his name, which occurs fairly frequently, is a pleasant by-product of my work on the PCGS CoinFacts Condition Census. In fact, discovering one of those connections is what brought my attention to this remarkable collector.



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