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Need Help 1971 Topps Football PSA 9 Karl Kassulke

I could use everyone's assistance. I purchased a 1971 Topps Football Karl Kassulke, cert #45242128, from Probstein auctions.

Due to shipping address issues I did not receive the card and it was delivered 11 February, to a very old address of mine. A friend went the houses around and no one received it. I paid via bank check trying to avoid my wife finding out I bought it...my mistake. Probstein told me the issue was on my end and told me to "Deal with it". Whatever, I am over it, just want my card. Error was mostly on my end, never had an issue until now. Deleted any and all old address so the issue never come up again, and I will purchase via paypal.

Long and short...please keep a look out for this card, 1971 Topps Karl Kassulke cert #45242128. I am willing to purchase it from anyone who obtains it. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Tom Nygaard



  • MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 4,554 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Assuming your story is legit...and I have no clue what you paid, or what the card is worth.

    If I were in your shoes:

    1, Register the card in your set, or create a set and register the card. You don't have to have the card in your possession to do this. You have the cert #...so, if it pops up saying the card is already registered to another collector, at least you found it. You can then go forward, MAYBE, with help from PSA.

    2, Get or make a copy of the eBay transaction for proof or purchase. BTW, Probstein is totally clean on this...he offered, you paid, you provided the address and there it went...he ain't your guy.

    3, Do you have the tracking slip? If you go to USPS tracking and enter the 15 numbers, you can find the history of where it went and when. But, it provides you with more legitimacy to prove it went to your old address. More proof to sell your case.

    4, I would contact either Gayle Kean ([email protected]) or Cosetta Robbins ([email protected]) at PSA. Cosetta is the Registry manager and Gayle is #2. Both are understanding, but business like. I have always had very positive communications with them.

    5, Maybe contact eBay to flag the card. I don't know if they do this, but might as well cover all your bases. Again, you gotta have lots of proof to press your case.

    6, I have always found it best to include my wife in my adventures, cards, or whatever. How on earth do you get to enjoy them? Hiding in the basement with a flashlight?


  • Thank you for the response MCMLVTopps

    Hey fellow vet! Army retired here!

    I registered it soon after I realized I wouldn't be getting the card and the previous owner had to remove it from their registry. I did it in hope to monitor the card. I did contact PSA Registry and there is nothing they can do, which I understand.

    I went over my budget for the month and had some cash, that is why I didn't include my wife. All my cards are displayed on the wall, nearly 600 PSA 8 to 10 Minnesota Vikings. From now on I will take the butt chewing and enjoy my card!

    I am not saying, or didn't mean to suggest, PROBSTEIN did anything wrong, just poor customer service in communications with me.

    Just hoping some one may run into the card and remember this...thank you for your time.

  • MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 4,554 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I suspect some time passed between the time the card was placed in your old mail box and when some kid came by and scooped it. Most likely he/she has the card, never to be seen again. A tough loss. I'm sure you've updated your address for future purchases. Maybe a credit card purchase may have saved your $$$, after all, you never got the card.

    Lucky for me after having graduated from Infantry OCS in Ft Benning, I managed to get an Adjutant General MOS. I was the Chief of Officer and Enlisted Records for the 1st Infantry Division, Vietnam, 1969-1970. We redeployed the Division back to Ft Riley, Kansas then I got assigned to MACV hq in Saigon. Spent some time in Lai Khe and Can Tho...got to see the Bob Hope show in Lai Khe 1969. Got awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Achievement during the 1st Infantry experience...not combat related. Lost some good buddies there...crappy place, thankful I made it home!!!

    Take care,

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