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WTS: 3 Golden Age Baseball HoF Autos w/matted b&w 8x10

The_DepartedThe_Departed Posts: 85 ✭✭

Hello my fellow auto collectors. So as my title implies, I have three HoF autographs that I'd like to sell. Be advised that none of them have been professionally authenticated, but after hours of droning over comparisons of these three players that have been done(mostly PSA), Travis Jackson, Billy Herman, and Ted Lyons and having a keen sense of what to look for in regard to being real or fake, I'm 100% confident that if you so choose to authenticate/grade, these will pass with NO problems. Trust me, I wouldn't have purchased them if I thought they were bogus. These are really great, strong examples and were cared for. In order to add value and to make them more presentable, I took the liberty of mounting them on 11x14 black mats w/white cores just like pic #4 and 7. They're mounted with small pieces of painter's tape, two at the top of the 8x10 and one on the 3x5 card. Painter's tape comes off easily so if you wanted to remove them from the mat, you could with no fuss. The black poster board on the backside of the mat, pic #8, is secured to the mat with double sided craft tape and again, it can be easily separated to access both photo and index card. The ds tape doesn't come in contact with either the photo or index card. I'd like $35 for each as they sit. All the work has been done for you and all you'd need is a frame to place this in. PM me if interested or if you'd like to strike a deal. if you're not familiar with these players, I've included links to their page on wiki above their respective pics. Have a look!




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