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Looking for Help with Pricing

I could use some help on the approximate value of the following PSA sets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Complete PSA 9 1986 Fleer Basketball Set
Complete PSA 9 & 10 1987 Fleer Basketball Set (most stars are PSA 9)
Complete PSA 9 & 10 1988 Fleer Basketball Sets (Miller, Drexler, King, Malone, are PSA 9, all other stars are PSA 10)
Complete PSA 9 & 10 1961 Nu Card Football Set (only 9 cards are PSA 9's with Hadl being the big one, several have NO PSA 10's)
Complete PSA 10 1976 Topps Wonder Bread Football
Complete PSA John Hannah Topps Basic Set (PSA 8 1974 RC, PSA 9 1976 Topps, all others PSA 10)
Complete PSA Tim Dimcan Rookie Card Set (PSA 9 1997 Ultra, all others PSA 10)
Complete PSA Kevin Garnett Rookie Card Set (PSA 9 1995 SP Championship, all others PSA 10)
Complete PSA Paul Pierce Rookie Card set (PSA 8 1998 SPX Finite, all others PSA 10)

Email is [email protected].

POSITIVE TRANSACTIONS: BKritz; Akuracy503; Rogermjn; MBMiller25; Artimus; JasonM32; Burke23; Alnavman; InitialD; Gregmo32; Ping4u43; Rbdjr1; Rexvos; Drewsef; Italianstallionyankees; Zep33; Samsgirl214; Bunker; Swartz1; MeteoriteGuy; Itzagoner; VitoCo1972; Saucywombat; RaptorsRule04; Dboneesq; Hallco; ldferg; Hawaii76; Epatmythes; Vladguerrero; Calaban7; Cardcounter2; BobS; Recbball; BarkusD; ShootyBabitt: WalterSobchak; Mrmint23; Nightcrawler729


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