Celtics do have class

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I have watched the Lakers/ Celtic rivalry for 50+ years. Might be the biggest rivalry in sports imo.

And then there's this:

_The Boston Celtics will play the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center on Feb. 23, but it seems they will stick around for at least another day.

Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe reported the Celtics have pushed back their Feb. 24 flight so as to allow players and staff to attend Kobe Bryant’s memorial, which will be held that same day: The Celtics and Lakers will do battle that Sunday, but they will put aside their differences to honor one of the greatest players in NBA history on Monday._

Like the article says, "some things are much bigger than basketball."



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    btw Kobe was buried last week.

    _"Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were buried on Feb. 7 in a private ceremony in Corona del Mar, California, per ESPN.

    A public memorial service for Kobe and Gianna Bryant is planned for Feb. 24 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

    Every item that was left at the Kobe Bryant memorial outside the Staples Center came with a handwritten note. Mourners immediately started gathering outside of Staples Center after Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter crash.

    In total, those who gathered outside the Lakers’ home court left 1,353 basketballs and over 25,000 candles, as well jerseys, flowers, shoes, paintings and stuffed animals."_

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    That is very classy of the Celtics. Humanity comes first.

    Hello, I'm a Joe Louis card addict.

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    Report: All-Star Game MVP to Be Named Kobe Bryant Award


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    New format to this all star game basically turning the 4 quarters into 4 games. We should see the players going all out this time compared to previous years.
    I'd love to see Tatum or Kemba get that MVP but I have a feeling that LeBron or AD will make sure a Lakers player wins that first Kobe Bryant MVP trophy.


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    Anybody hear chakka kahn sing the National Anthem before the game?

    Absolutely the worst rendition I've ever heard. Pure garbage.

    I'd rather listen to Tiny Tim sing it.

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    That was pretty bad. I get that they wanted a Chicago native to sing it but there had to be someone better than that.


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