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Expanding the weights utilized in the Classic Commemorative 50 coin set

In the Set Registry there are 60 Classic Silver Commemorative 50 coin type sets that have a Set Rating of 63 or better. There are 20 Silver Commemorative 144 coin sets that have a Set Rating of 63 or better. Each of the 144 coins in the Classic Silver Commemorative set has a different weight. However, in the 50 coin set, PCGS has the weights drop down to the lowest possible weight within a subset such as the Boones. I suggest, to add a little more life to the Classic Commemorative Set Registry, that the 50 coin set composition weighting be expanded to include all 144 coins while retaining the 50 coin set concept. In that way, if all other coins in the set are the same, a set with a Grant Star would be ranked higher than a set containing the Grant without the Star.

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