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in light of what's transpiring to one of our own on the other thread, i thought it might not be a bad idea to, at bare minimum, be privy to first names. maybe it's just me, but it feels borderline shameful that a 15-yr vet on these boards is missing and no one even knows his first damn name.

if you want to play, fantastic. if not, i get it. i'll consolidate & bump periodically to keep the list fresh.

galaxy27 - Stephen
doubledragon - Jason
thisistheshow - Eric
LarkinCollector - Kyle
perkdog - Paul
JoeBanzai - Joe
erikthredd - Eric
MCMLVTopps - Al
bronco2078 - Nathan
dallasactuary - Steve
grote15 - Tim (or is it Jerry?)
Brick - Ralph
stevek - Stephen (thank you for spelling your name properly)
Mickey71 - Danny
JRR300 - Joe
Tabe - Chris
59Horsehide - Jim
fiveniner - Rocky


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