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The Coinage of Katanga

The State of Katanga was a short-lived, disputed territory that, during its short three years of independence from 1960 through 1963, issued money and stamps until dissolved. During its brief time as an independent state, Katanga issued three coins. The coins, all with the same design, were issued as bronze 1 Franc and 5 Francs pieces as well as a 5 Francs gold numismatic collectible.

The Katanga Franc, when issued in 1961, was on par with the Belgium Franc – about 50 Francs to one United States dollar. With only three coins issued, it isn’t hard to assemble a complete set. The 1 Franc and 5 Francs are common, costing only a few US dollars each, even in uncirculated condition.

A Katanga Cross, pictured above, can be bought for as little as a few hundred United States dollars. However, collectors need to ascertain that any Katanga Crosses they buy are being sold by reputable dealers or auction houses to ensure authenticity.


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