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Please Help Identify Some Baseball Autographs

I could really use some help identifying four autographs. I have collected hundreds over the years going to games with my son but for some reason I have a few that I have no idea about. I can say they are all going to be between 2004-2018, I know, your thinking that should be easy! I have spent hours doing my own research on line and trying to connect the dots through my photos and ticket stubs and cleared up several others but these four are eluding me. I almost always see games at Petco Park with the Padres. But I have also been to games at stadiums for the Giants, Angels and Dodgers, as well as going to several games for Spring Training in Arizona in 2009 & 2016. The first photo with the autograph just under the player with the bat was obtained on 3/22/09 during Spring Training, Padres v. Diamondbacks. I am pretty sure it is a D-Back since the other 10 autos on the ball are D-Backs but it could be a Padre. I already know who the #25 auto is, i need the one above it. The other three autos I simply have no time or place reference. Any help is much appreciated.


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