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1929 $5 Kansas, Illinois. National Bank note. ( VERY RARE ) CH#9293 $1500.00 \\\\\ SOLD ////

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Sale Price $1500.00


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  • Banking Enterrise : Kansas, Illinois.Banking in Kansas began with the private Banking house of Pinell, Boyer and Company. In 1872, these men with 6 others applied for permission to establish a National Bank in the Kester House. It was to be called the First National Bank and have a capital stock of $50,000.00. The first board of directors consisted of President, W. O. Pinnell; Cashiers, W. F. Boyer, J. R. Wilhoit, J. K. Boyer and John Arterburn, Jr. In 1906 it was decided to erect a building which, as remodeled, is now the home of the Kansas State Bank. In 1908 the Farmers National Bank was organized by a group of business men and opened in January 1909 with the following officers: R. S. Briscoe, President; P. B. Honnold, Vice-President; E. E. Covalt, Cashier; Bruce Nichols, Assistant Cashier and the following Board of Directors: R. S. Briscoe, P. E. McMorris, J. H. Sallee, C. D. Smith, J. R. Honn, C. M Paxton, P. B. Honnold, G. W. Goble and William McAdams, Jr. This Bank began operation where Wright’s Insurance Agency is now located. In 1918 a site for a building was purchased and the new Bank was formally opened in July 1919 where Herb Gilver has his barbershop. In 1926 the two Banks voted to consolidate and the merger was completed so that the Kansas National Bank was born July 1, 1926 with B. H. Pinnell, President; E. E. Covalt, Vice-President; T. S. Wright, Cashier; C. C. Covalt, F. S. Anderson, Assistant Cashiers; Pope Wilhoit and John Barry, Bookkeepers. The Board members were: B. H. Pinnell, E. E. Covalt, H. F. Pinnell, G. W. Goble, J. Y. Wilhoit, B. W. Honnold, C. D. Smith and H. W. Morris. In 1930 the nation-wide financial crash came and the Kansas National Bank closed its doors. This this $5 Kansas Illinois note was printed in 1929 and as you can see the Bank closed in 1930 . Serial numbers on the 1929 $5 dollar run from 1 through 771. A very short run, making this note so Extremely Rare. There are three $10 bills known to exist in the small size and 0 $20 bills and 1 $5 bills known to exist according to track and price and all auction houses. This is truly a Rare beautiful uncirculated note. A must-have for any serious Illinois National banknote collector. Ship by USPS certified insured registered mail only. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed looking

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