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1993 Topps Black Gold Certified/Redemption Cards in Player Sets

So I finally got both versions of my ABCD cards graded, requested addition to the Larkin Master and got denied. It looks like they had pulled the A & AB from the composite also. After some exchanges with Gayle yesterday including quite a few scans, it's been resolved and they are now allowed to be added. Big props to all those working on the Set Registry, I've always found them to be professional, responsive to queries, and reasonable in their decisions while dealing with the craziness of the collectors like myself that they have to deal with.

This is just a heads up to other player collectors to see if these cards have been inadvertently dropped from their Master Set composites also.


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    Well, I kinda feel your pain. For whatever reason, I decided, after a long absence of being in the whirlwind of collecting a specific set, like 55 Topps), that I jumped on the Ortiz Master Topps Set. WOW, little did I realize the incredible, and YES, I do mean incredible number of variations of Topps cards a player could have. From refractors, xfractors, chrome, chrome refractors, chrome xfractors, chrome black refractors, pink refractors, blue refractors, gold, black and throw in the A&G stuff and it gets pretty crazy and goes on and on. I'm kinda on the roller coaster now, so I'll plug along.

    I have found Gayle to be pretty reasonable. Before I kinda committed myself to this adventure, I did ask her if ALL variations of Topps cards would be allowed into the Registry set, beyond the initial composition. She said yes...well, she did deny my Topps Finest card, a PSA 10, although it kinda contradicted her original statement. Something about the card being in the Finest set as opposed to being a regular Topps card. The card was made by Topps, and should have been allowed. I let it go.

    No cards have been deleted from the Master Set, but many have been added, as I found a slew of PSA 10s on the cheap. I have a massive (for me) raw sub going in soon, like about 125 cards. The majority are moderns and look pretty good, should get a bunch of 9s and 10s, no quals. I suspect it'll be sometime in May before they hatch, but I'll post my results whenever they do pop.

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