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Request for detailed information on 3 PCGS entries

Hi all,

3 variants of either a 1970 or 1971 commemorative coin (it'll make sense in a sec) exist which are not really catalogued on many coin sites, and don't show up in the KM. However, PCGS has apparently graded 3-5 of them, which is the best lead I have so far. I'd like to see if I can get more info to update coin catalogues (I use Numista.com) properly.

Viewing the artist set is the easiest way to start: https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/haiti/haitian-republic/fernando-baez-guerrero/alltimeset/100111

You will see 3 entries without photos on the left and without mintages on the right for these:

Generally speaking, these are a 1970 reverse with a 1971 obverse, making them sort of "in between" and it's unclear if they might belong to the 1970 KM# or the unique 1971 KM#, very little info seems to exist online about these 3 specific variations. They might be intentional mules so to speak, as I've found more than one of them around (I own two, and have three more in the mail). As I have 2 specimens in hand, I can say "they seem to align to the dimensions of the 1970 regular version" (which I also have, it's the "normal" coin).

Can anyone with access to the detailed PCGS information provide the type of data we would need to add this to the various catalogues? Mintages, dimensions, etc. Any additional ideas on where to hunt for more information is welcome as well, I'm just trying to help document these items better for everyone.

Thank you!

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