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My 100++ card sub to PSA ?

I'm submitting a sub of over 100 cards to PSA prior to the 12/31 deadline.

Question is this...as I enter the cards into the sub form, I'm checking "lowest grade accepted", and of course no quals. So, although all the cards I'm sending in appear to be 9/10 cards, this under a magnifying glass of corners and overall card condition, which grade numeric should I use?

I could put 8, which would really surprise me if any come back that low, but sometimes I think PSA uses an electron microscope capable of seeing actual electrons moving...should I put a 7, 8, or does it matter? If the grader sees the card has a 7 as the lowest acceptable, my concern is that he/she may just put it into a 7 if there's a toss up situation.
Comments/experiences welcome.



  • LarkinCollectorLarkinCollector Posts: 8,975 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 20, 2019 12:23PM

    I only put in a min grade on crossovers where I want it left in the existing slab if it doesn't hit. If submitting raw, why bother? It's the same charge whether slabbed or not and any grade lower than 9/10 is a good learning experience in what you're missing when submitting. I can almost guarantee you'll have a 5/6 or two that would indicate a surface wrinkle on front/back that you missed, where 'doesn't meet min grade' won't give you any indication of that.

    ETA: It's not that difficult to crack out any that are less than 9/10 for the exact same result as entering a min grade.

  • DBesse27DBesse27 Posts: 3,025 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have never clicked a min grade when submitting raw cards.

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  • LarkinCollectorLarkinCollector Posts: 8,975 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Example sub results from expecting all 9/10 (excepting the Ripken that I just wanted slabbed) ...

    A couple 8s, ok, whatever ... we'll agree to disagree and I'll crack and resub. The 5, what? Sure enough, there the tiniest of surface wrinkles on the front that I missed so I know it's not ever worth resubbing.

  • RobbyRobby Posts: 657 ✭✭✭

    Good advice from LarkinCollector ........why bother putting in a min grade when you are paying
    one way or the other for them to grade it ! If it's slabbed less then your desired grade , resubmit !

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  • MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 4,602 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Tks all.

    I think I'll do ok, they're all modern stuff, 2008-2017. I doubt there's anything lower than a 7, but we shall see, I'll post results whenever I get them back. The real issue was to put in, or leave out the grade thing.

  • MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 4,602 ✭✭✭✭✭

    FINALLY!! I see that my sub of mid December has finally moved into the Assembly stage. Grading is done, but I haven't gotten a link to my grades yet. Two more quality checks then in the mail. So, almost exactly 6 months to get to this point.

    It's a 113 card sub, all modern.

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