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New A to Z world coin list TOMORROW


My new world coin price list will be posted TOMORROW, TUESDAY, at 11 AM Eastern Time, at:


The big news this time is selling my 45+ year personal collection of PERU. Mostly acquired in the ‘70s and ‘80s when this kind of material was reasonably buyable. The market changed, so I was able to add very little since. Going through it now, I was actually very surprised at how nice a collection this wound up being. Many choice original toned coins, of course not ruined collector-wise by slabbing. Includes 34 8-Reales and 65 silver Soles. Priced cheap compared to what overgraded coins in slabs sell for!

Speaking of slabs, please do look at the listing of them at the front. I keep getting more, they are hard to avoid. Some very good coins here. I show the actual grades in addition to what’s on the holders. And I’ve tried to price them very keenly because I want to get rid of them.

Note, for the moment you can still order from the previous list: http://www.fsrcoin.com/132.htm

I will at the Baltimore show on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Best regards

Frank S. Robinson


  • cladkingcladking Posts: 26,688 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks. I've always enjoyed your lists and every purchase I've made from them. Grading and pricing tends to be very conservative. I've bookmarked your link.

    I'm curious that you have so much less modern on it. Are moderns not worth the effort, no demand so they languish in inventory, or are you mostly sold out? Other?

    I've always wondered as well if you were able to bid at 'Unc Junk's" auction in Ohio many years back.

    Tempus fugit.
  • @fsrcoin do you still have Peru Coins available?

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