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Erikthredd's Michael Jordan 5x7 Nike Poster Card Collection **2/25 GRADES POPPED**

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Back when I originally started collecting Jordan cards in the late 80's there weren't many MJ cards,other than his early Fleer stuff, that were available in my area (MA) and the only Star card I could get was from the Lite All-Stars set. I think that was mainly because Larry Bird was in it. This was all years before attending my first card show and ebay didn't come along for another 10 years so adding to my MJ collection was pretty limited. What MJ had in abundance that I could get my hands on were his numerous posters and magazine covers/ads with Nike the clear leader of all things Jordan. Everytime I found a new image of his it would end up on my bedroom wall and thinking back I don't know how my parents never went ballistic on me with the amount of push-pins & scotch tape i used butchering said walls lol. (Little did I know that I had the perfect excuse at the time,just blame it all on the lead paint ;)) Then came the introduction to Hoops & Upper Deck and we all know where it went from there. As I got older I was in & out of the hobby numerous times and unfortunately all of the posters & pics never made the trip even though my cards did.
So fast forward to 2017 when I decided to collect again after a roughly 12-13 year hiatus,after hours looking into what I might want to collect I went with MJ's 80's/early 90's oddball stuff. I was pretty much priced out of his Star stuff as well as most of his high end 90's inserts so when I came across his 5"x7" Nike Poster Cards I was hooked. I spent alot of time on worthpoint/google researching which poster cards he had as well as getting help from a few members here & on ebay and I came up with a list of 29 5x7 cards that had him on it. I had no clue how often these popped up for sale or how long it might take to find all 29. It also didn't help that these weren't the same as looking for,say,an 89 Hoops #200. These poster cards get listed as poster cards,poster samples,poster ads,mini posters,counter displays,counter samples,counter ads,salesman displays,salesman ads and numerous other titles so I literally created a bookmarked folder with a saved ebay search for all of them. At one point there were about 60 different saved searches that I finally was able to condense down to a handful after finding 2/3rds of his cards during that stretch. Many only popped up for sale once or twice a year if that and I had to hope my saved searches caught them.
At this point my want list is down to just 6 remaining. I don't want to name them here for obvious reasons but here are pics of the ones I do own. There are a few that have different versions like earlier/later years, white/black background and border/no border. I apologize for the quality of the Iphone pics,my scanner & I have a love/hate relationship and right now he’s lucky to not get punted off the roof.

These five are the earliest issues from 1983-85. They have a thicker card stock than later years,glossy finish and a hole on one end for where they were placed in a counter-top binder in stores.

These next ones are roughly from the years 1987-1989. They're actually made out of very thin poster paper and are the easiest to damage by handling them.

Then this last grouping are from the 1990-92 years with a slightly thicker stock than the 87-89's.
(This first Is It The Shoes? with white background is currently in a BGS slab)

PSA has only graded 9 of the 29 different cards and I've been told without a published checklist they won't grade the others. I thought about grading them all through BGS,seeing that they slab anything, but I decided not to spend $600+ just to have them in a slab when I don't really care much about the grade. They look just as nice in a brand new UltraPro 5x7 sleeve,new 5x7 Toploader and a new Perfect Fit 5x7 sleeve. Storing them this way will take up much less space too. Thanks for checkng out my collection!


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