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Any collector who loves coins of 2 euros maybe knows the fame that exists around the greek 2 euros witch represent an ancient scene of the rapture of europe From zeus who is transformated into a Bull.

The year of 2002 the cutting of the one part of these coins took place in Athens and the orher part in Finland.The coin that were cut in Finland had above one of the stars the english letter of (S). Some collectors found that these coins had a bunch of small mistakes in some other more metal in the chest of europe the fenomenon that Is called (bikini), and in some other small alterations in the face and also in some other seemed to have fault in centering of the number (2).
.For all these reasons we saw these coins to be sold in all kind of prices and sometimes very high.In that way we had the curiosity to make a reseach of these coins that were cut in Finland.
Through 3 years we investigated with every detail up to 10.000 pieces of this type of coins here in Greece. We found out enough of the mistakes that we have already mentioned and through all these 10.000 pieces there was (one and only) witch stood out from the rest because there were a lot of mistakes in one piece of coin.
Here we will show you some photographies of the mistaken coin itself. At the same time we will compare it to an ordinary one of the same cutting.
The mistakes that we found out in this coin was
.1)The centering of the one side of the coin with the picture of europe and Zeus clearly seems to be moved to the left side.
2) The angle of number 2 is completely disappeared.
3) The face of europe is also completely disappeared.
4) The word (EUROPE) has moved from the right side starting from the word (E).
5) There Is more metal in the chest of europe also known as "the bikini fenomenon".
Furthermore there Is a small lesion in the clothe of europe.
(The ordinary one of the same cutting. )

(The error coin)

(Zoom of the ordinary coin)

(Zoom of the error coin)

And here is all the errors

There Is a chance that the coin would Be sold if there Is a strong interest.

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