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Eclectic Box sale draft

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It may be time to trim my "Eclectic Box" collection again. I need to pay some bills, and also have goals for reorganizing the collection (mostly doing writeups, etc.), so the smaller the collection is, the sooner I will complete that seemingly herculean task, and then I'll let it start growing again.

Like my last purge in March, this one will likely last for a relatively short time, so if you see something you like, move fast. (And I apologize in advance for not contacting folks who might have expressed an interest in some of these pieces in the past. I'm afraid I'm terrible at remembering those communications.)

This is not a distress sale. Most coins are priced at not quite 20% over my cost. Sometimes this leaves some meat on the bone, and sometimes it makes them admittedly a tad overpriced. If you see something you like but aren't crazy about the price, I might be slightly negotiable- within limits. It depends on the coin. In no circumstance will I accept less than cost plus shipping.

These are reduced-quality images, but in many cases the coins will have TrueViews on the cert pages. There are also hyperlinks in the titles which lead to my CollectiveCoin pages.

(*Those CollectiveCoin links can be slow to load, so give 'em a second or three- they'll come up.) On those pages you can find additional images (slab shots, etc.)

Payment preferred via PayPal "Friends & Family" method (to spare me the fees), or regular PayPal + 3%. I will also accept checks and money orders if you must, but would prefer not to.

Ready? Here we go! Thanks for looking. :)

Lithuania: silver half-groschen of Sigismund II Augustus of Poland, 1550; Vilnius mint
Nice Mint State early-dated coin with the iconic charging knight emblem of Lithuania. Subdued luster shows a bit better in hand.
PCGS MS63; population 5 with 8 higher as of 9/15/2019. Eurostyle (full slab) TrueView image on cert page.

Mexico: silver 8-reales "cob" of Charles II, ca. 1665-1682, from the 1682 "Johanna" shipwreck off South Africa
Neat shipwreck cob on an oblong, beveled flan. From the 1682 wreck of the East Indiaman ship Johanna, which was the earliest English shipwreck off the Cape coast of South Africa. Reportedly a beach find. Comes with salvor's certificate (see title link for additional images). In a Gennie holder, but that is to be expected with shipwreck silver.
PCGS Fine Details ("environmental damage"). In a thick slab. TrueView image on cert page. Recently graded.

Great Britain: silver South Sea Company sixpence of George I, 1723; double-struck mint error (2nd strike 25% off-center)
Rare and likely unique error on a very historic coin type, struck with silver from the South Sea Company. An apocryphal tale has it that the young James Cook received a South Sea coin when he was a shopkeeper's apprentice, which he kept, inspiring his later adventures in the Pacific as the famous explorer we know as Captain Cook. This coin too saw circulation, despite the dramatic error.
PCGS F12. TrueView image on cert page.

Germany (Nurnberg): silver medal by Daniel Dockler the Younger, 1730; bicentennial of the Augsburg Confession
Handsome and nicely toned 26 mm silver medal commemorating the 200th anniversary of the 1530 Augsburg Confession. (Note the "AC" on the book being handed to the emperor Charles V in the wonderfully intricate design.) The German inscription on the reverse ("Ich rede von deinen Zeugnissen vor Königen) is Psalm 119:46: "I will speak of Your testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed."
PCGS AU50; population 1 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView image on cert page.

India (Mysore): gold fanam of Tipu Sultan, AH 1200 (1786), Patan mint
A very tiny gold coin from the reign of the fierce Tipu Sultan, who gave the British a very hot reception and fired rockets(!) at them. Imagine you're an 18th century redcoat, seeing that unknown terror shrieking through the sky at you!
PCGS MS62; population 1 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView image on cert page. (It has the dated side upside-down.)

United States: copper large cent, Draped Bust type, 1803, stemless wreath variety
Sheldon-243. Straight crossover from an old small white ANACS F15 holder. Trace microporosity on the reverse, but the TrueView images exaggerate this, and look awful. This obviously was not serious enough for either ANACS or PCGS to "details" grade the coin, and it got the same straight grade both times- deservedly so. Much smoother looking and pleasing in hand. Nice even dark brown.
PCGS F15. TrueView images on cert page (but awful looking- see the other images in the title link). Population 2 with 31 higher as of 9/15/2019.
$395 (PCGS trend price is $525). Recently graded and never submitted to CAC.

United States: Capped Bust quarter, large size, 1818
Browning-10, R3. Modest grade but nicely original, with contrasting grey "CircCam" (Circulation Cameo) toning.
PCGS F12; CAC verified. Population 88 with 742 higher as of 9/15/2019.

United States: silver half dime, Capped Bust type, 1834
LM-2. Pleasingly original "Baby Bustie" with even grey toning and light "CircCam" contrast.
PCGS F12; population 14 with 888 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page. Recently graded and never submitted to CAC.

United States: silver half dime, Seated Liberty type, 1853, arrows at date
Nice midgrade example with medium grey toning and "CircCam" contrast.
PCGS VF35; population 45 with 1,570 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page. Recently graded and never submitted to CAC.
$60. *** SOLD ***

United States: silver quarter, Seated Liberty, "Arrows & Rays" subtype, 1853
Handsome, original example with grey-brown toning. VF35 is a nice "value" grade for these, considering the price jump at XF.
PCGS VF35; population 173 with 1,550 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page. Recently graded and never submitted to CAC.

United States: bronze patriotic Civil War token, undated (ca. 1862-1865); battle implements and Union shield
Fuld-163/352. Beautiful Mint State example with much original red and some traces of violet toning. A bit softly struck, but for all I know, that could be typical. Great design.
PCGS MS64 RB; population 2 with none higher. TrueView images on cert page.

United States: silver 20-cent piece, 1875, Philadelphia mint
Slightly scarcer Philadelphia issue with great original appearance and perfect "CircCam" toning. Those aren't edge irregularities in the photo- they're the slab prongs. (This one was photographed through the plastic.)
PCGS F12; population 35 with 979 higher as of 9/15/2019. Has not been to CAC under my ownership.

Channel Islands (Guernsey): copper 2-doubles, 1889-H; Heaton mint, Birmingham
Attractive Mint State gem with ample mint red and nice luster. The only example graded by PCGS. Note the old-fashioned "Guernesey" (sic) spelling, which was used on their coins until 1949, probably due to French influence in the regional languages of the Channel Islands (Guernésiais, Sercquiais, and Auregnais).
PCGS MS65 RB; population 1 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Japan: silver yen of the Emperor Meiji, Year 27 (1894)
JNDA 01-10A. Nice "dragon" yen with decent luster which does not fully show in the images. Mostly white with just a touch of color.
PCGS AU58; population 70 with 228 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Peru: silver half-dinero, 1897-JF
Blazing white supergem with a touch of gold/champagne toning. This is somewhat exaggerated in the images, which also do not show the prooflike mirrors and light cameo-like contrast. (Alas, there is no TrueView, so these images were shot through the plastic.) If you click on the title link, you can see a short animated GIF image I made in a (feeble) attempt to show how flashy this coin is. It is quite the little screamer, and has the classic Peruvian seated Liberty design.
PCGS MS67; population 77 with 7 higher as of 9/15/2019.

India (British): silver 2-annas of Queen Victoria, 1901, Calcutta mint
Beautiful little British India silver coin with attractive orange-red peripheral toning. 1901 was the last year of Victoria's long reign, and she had long since been portrayed as an old, veiled widow on the homeland coinage, but she remained forever young on the coinage of India, with this portrait reminiscent of the one used decades earlier on the famous British "Gothic" crowns and florins. Think of it as the little Indian cousin to this coin, but at 1/470th of the price!
PCGS AU58; population 2 with 4 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Philippine Islands (US Insular government): silver 50-centavos, 1921
Nice white Fil-American half-dollar equivalent with cartwheel luster.
PCGS MS62; population 25 with 77 higher as of 9/15/2019.

Russia (Soviet Union): silver rouble, 1924- ПЛ, Leningrad mint
Handsome early Soviet coin with a very popular design. White with a few tiny hints of gold toning. "This way to the Worker's Paradise, comrade! Get in line right over there!"
PCGS MS62; population 78 with 278 higher. TrueView images on cert page.

Greenland: copper-nickel 25-øre, 1926 (h) HCN GJ; Copenhagen mint
Attractive Gem example of a popular type. Danish arms on one side and... c'mon, who wouldn't want a coin with a polar bear on it, right? 310,000 minted.
PCGS MS65; population 23 with 29 higher as of 9/15/2019.

Great Britain (Island of Lundy): bronze 1-puffin token issued by Martin Coles Harman, 1929
One of 50,000 pieces struck at the Heaton mint in Birmingham. Here's a pretty, full-red Gem example of these historically interesting "coins", for which Martin Coles Harman got himself in a little legal hot water with the British government. He lost his case but was fined a relative pittance. The coins have been popular with collectors ever since. Because, well... look at it... It has a cute little puffin on it! (The half-puffin coins only showed the puffin's head, so half a puffin.) Full disclosure: if you shopped around long enough and very selectively bought only Gem BU red examples, you could maybe "make your own" cheaper, but if you want one of the five top-pop, PCGS condition-census pieces, look no further than this beauty.
PCGS MS65 RD; population 5 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Canada: silver dollar of George V, 1935; "Voyageur" type
Mostly white with hints of orange-gold color at the peripheries.
PCGS MS64; population 774 with 941 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Egypt: silver 2-piastres of King Farouk, AH 1356 (1937)
This coin is mostly white; there is colorful toning which is quite attractive, as you can see in these images, but it's the type of toning which only "pops" at certain angles to the light. (See the slab shots via the title link, for comparison.) King Farouk of Egypt was a famous coin collector himself, and owned one of the 1933 double eagles, as well as two of the five 1913 Liberty nickels, among other US and World rarities.
PCGS MS62; population 6 with 12 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Ireland: copper-nickel halfcrown (2 shillings 6 pence), 1951
KM16a, 32.3 mm. Attractive Gem example of the first year these coins were struck in copper-nickel rather than silver. Modest mintage of 800,000 pieces, which is the third-lowest for the type. Popular design with Irish Hunter horse.
PCGS MS65; population 14 with 3 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Esperanto (Universal League): copper-nickel 10-steloj fantasy, 1959; struck in 1960 at the Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht
This was a private pattern for a proposed world currency, the stelo (plural: "steloj"), just as Esperanto is a proposed universal language. It is the single top-pop example (there are two others in MS65) and is mostly white with subtle hints of color. The mintage for the 1959 10-steloj was 10,000 pieces.
PCGS MS66; population 1 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page. Recently graded.

Greece: silver 30-drachmai of Paul I; "Five Greek Kings" commemorative, 1963
Pretty white Gem with nice luster and an attractive design. Hints of color at the peripheries. Map of Greece on the reverse.
PCGS MS65; population 197 with 68 higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page.

Austria: silver proof 10-euro, 2008, Klosterneuburg Abbey commemorative
Perfect-graded DCAM proof with intense frost and contrast. Lovely cathedral-interior design on one side and a nice exterior landscape view on the other. The sole graded example.
PCGS PR70 DCAM; population 1 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView image on cert page. Recently graded.

Uruguay: steel and brass bimetallic 10-pesos, 2011
Handsome and popular puma design on a bimetallic planchet. Full disclosure: this is an inexpensive coin type and you could acquire a raw example for not very much money. Admittedly, you're paying for the plastic with this one. But if you're OK with that, and you want the solitary graded example which is the top-pop coin (and likely to remain so for some time), then look no further. I slabbed this coin simply because I liked it and thought it was really cool looking.
PCGS MS66; population 1 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. TrueView images on cert page. Recently graded.
$59. *** SOLD ***

Australia: silver 1-ounce bullion dollar; Australian Kangaroo, 2016-P, Perth Mint
Perfect-graded coin, and beautiful. The images are my cellphone shots done through the plastic (unfortunately there is no TrueView), and they look pretty bad. The coin, on the other hand, looks fantastic.
PCGS MS70; population 4,072 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. "Flag" label holder.

United States: silver proof National Parks quarter; Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2018-S
The coin is perfect, with black-and-white DCAM contrast and thick white frost. The photos, on the other hand, are absolutely horrible- again, done with my cellphone through the plastic. Cumberland Island, Georgia is my "local" national park. On a clear day you can see it on the horizon from one of the high bridges on my daily commute through the Marshes of Glynn.
PCGS PR70 DCAM; population 879 with none higher as of 9/15/2019. "Flag" label holder.

Please let me know if you found any bad links. (But again, please note that those title links to the CollectiveCoin site are pretty slow-loading and require a bit of patience. That's a great free site otherwise, so I can't complain.)

Thanks again for looking! :)

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